Hybrid Brows Info

Long lasting dye for brow hairs. This service does offer a skin stain but please keep in mind that it is not intended to last long on the skin. Ultimately, this is a service to enhance the hair color. Hybrid is most beneficial for someone with blonde, red, light brown brows. But anyone may still get this. Results can be a powdered brow or pomade look. Going for a deeper stain will increase your results duration.

Includes: Wax, Trim & pop of concealer.

Duration: 4-7 weeks on hair, 3-10 days on skin (depending on your skin type, skin care and the intensity you go with).

Recommended Visits: Monthly

Styling Tip: Pop concealer underneath the brow to give it a defined, crispy finish. Brow Honey or Wonder Wax is encourage to use. Click HERE.